about Us

NOWSA is a central hub for Northeast Ohio adult women's sports, serving as the "connector" between athletic organizations, community organizations, and any resources they need.

Our Mission:

NOWSA's mission is to expand awareness for community-based sports in Northeast Ohio and offer supportive services for individual athletes, teams, their coaches and staff.

Our Philosophy:

NOWSA was founded on the belief that women are stronger together and develop important life skills and relationships through sport. Athletic participation should not have to end after high school or college graduation, so whether you want to be an athlete, coach, or volunteer, NOWSA strives to empower adult women to pursue the route of their choosing and minimize their barriers to entry.

Core Values:

We believe...

    • Sport can be a platform of hope, strength, and togetherness that can be powerful for personal growth and development.

    • In advocating for the whole athlete and promoting integrative health and wellness.

    • Sport can be an avenue to empower people and communities.

    • In the power of collaboration and the shared experience for women in sport.

    • Athletes can be influential, positive leaders in society.

    • In diversity, equity and inclusion in sport.